Monday, December 7, 2009

The New Year’s Resolution before the Resolution

Many people believe that the best time to make a change that will last is at the start of a new year. Sure, a New Year’s resolution can give you a clean slate to throw out your old habits and start making the right choices, but when it comes to exercising and getting into shape, you may want to think twice about putting it on hold. The truth is that no matter what type of body you are looking to develop, the best time to start any exercise program is now - especially before the start of the New Year. So, before you put off your workout routine until the ball drops in Times Square, consider the benefits of making a New Year’s resolution before the resolution.

From a proactive perspective, consider exactly why you are looking to exercise and lose weight. You will find that the answers are simple - exercise reduces stress, increases energy, builds confidence, keeps you motivated and helps you look and feel your best. This winning combination is sure to help you make the most of the holiday season no matter what it should bring - from the stresses of holiday shopping to entertaining guests at your home, even looking great in your new holiday gifts! On top of that, imagine how great it will feel to start the New Year ten pounds lighter and ahead of the game.

Exercise routines can be difficult to get into and it takes people time to adjust to them. If you are not prepared for a rocky start then you may benefit from starting a routine now as not to get discouraged during your first few workouts of the New Year. Ask any personal trainer, fitness coach, professional bodybuilder or athlete and they will tell you that the hardest part about any exercise program is starting it – so why not make it easier on yourself and eliminate the pressure of the New Year by starting right now?

Whether you are looking to join a gym or purchase your own fitness equipment to get in shape, the benefits of acting now outweigh the costs of waiting in a number of ways. Retail stores love slashing prices in the spirit of the holiday and there is no better time to purchase a piece of fitness equipment. From free weights and barbells to treadmills and elliptical machines, now is the time to save money on the equipment you need to get started. Vitamin shops also offer great deals during the holiday so you can stock up on discounted supplements.

If you are looking to join a gym, consider the inevitable crowd of people that appears at the start of every New Year – the people with the same New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get into shape. Large crowds mean less available equipment, which lowers your chances of finding the exercise routine that works for you. If you are a beginner, understand that it takes time to fall into an exercise routine and that it is better to develop a routine before jumping into the holiday rush at the gym so you can exercise confidently, efficiently and effectively.

Last, but not least, everyone wants to look good for the holidays. The New Year is a great time to celebrate life and meet new people, so it is always nice to look your best and feel good about yourself during this very special time. This year, consider breaking the rules and make the resolution that is changing the face of the New Year.